Get Facebook ads up and running for your business in about an hour

The Your First Facebook Ad Crash Course was designed especially to get MAKER BUSINESSES (like yours) off the endless treadmill of social media posting and get REAL traction using Facebook Ads.

What do you need?
A product to sell
A place to sell it (Etsy, website, etc)

And I’ll get you up and running, start to finish, in just over an hour!

No Facebook ad experience required 😘

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Grab it today for $97 just $27

Ever feel like you're talking to a void?

Posting endlessly on social media to the same 100 people and HOPING that they share or buy?
Convinced that if you aren’t one of the ‘big guys’ no one is ever going to see your beautiful things on Etsy or know that your website even exists?

Believe me, I’ve been there!

Everyone says to just keep plugging away at posting on social media and the audience will come (sounds like a baseball movie right?)

But here’s the deal…

There are 2 main ways to promote your business – Audience based & Search based – and EVERY ONE of the promotion methods traditionally taught to maker businesses are search based.
That means that in order for someone to find you, they have to ALREADY know that you (or someone like you) exists and be ACTIVELY searching for your products. 

And let’s be honest, for most of us, that’s not the case.

But with AUDIENCE based promotion, we tell the powers that be exactly the TYPE of person we know would love our products and tell them to show it to them.  
We don’t have to mind read the exact keywords they are looking for.
Heck, they don’t even have to know we exist!
We just show up in their feed for them to fall in love with! 

And that, my friends, is EXACTLY why I created the Your First Facebook Ad Crash Course – To get maker businesses (like yours) seen in the world.

Let me hold your hand and get you up and running - FAST!

Step by step videos to set up your

➡ Facebook Page
➡  Instagram Page
➡  Ads Account

Click by click walkthrough setting up your first ad

➡ Campaign Objectives
➡  Ad Set Targeting and Placements
➡  Ad Level Creative

Everything you need once the ad is running.

➡ Editing
➡ Duplicating
➡ Analyzing

I know what it’s like, to feel like you’re on a hamster wheel of endless ‘posting’ – on Instagram, on Facebook, on Pinterest, in groups – hoping the internet gods will favor you and show your pattern to the right people, that lightning will strike and it will go viral…

To spend days changing the titles, tags and descriptions of your listings hoping Etsy will favor you with a top slot, but knowing that you’re probably going to just get lost in the crowd anyway…

To FINALLY branch out on your own to your own website and feel like you’re talking directly into a black hole because like 10 people found you on google this month…

To daydream that Instagram influencer will notice you and feature you on their feed…

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if there was a button that said “Hey Internet, show my stuff to Wayfair’s people! They’ll love this! And make it snappy!”

There is! It's Called Facebook Ads!

That's all great, but who are you?

Hi, I’m Dawn Prickett the owner and lead designer of the 6 figure knitting shop – Twice Sheared Sheep. 

I spent years following the same online gurus that you probably are. I obsessed over my Etsy tags and titles. I posted religiously on social media. I even set up a Twitter account because someone, somewhere, said it was going to be GREAT for my business.

And honestly, the only thing that REALLY happened was that I was busy all the time.

It wasn’t until I decided to give Facebook advertising a go that things exploded, and I doubled our sales the very first month. Over the past 3 years, maintaining that advertising has absolutely been the key to our success, bringing us dependable sales every single day, and doubling our sales every year. 

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, though…
I never intended to be a business coach.

I was happy to stay in my lane, to make pretty things, and help my customers find joy in their craft. When my fiber business friends asked me what the heck I was doing right, how my business exploded, I was happy to send them on to other coaches who taught to the masses.

I’m a knitter and a designer after all. I was sure there were other ‘experts’ out there far more capable of teaching this than me.

But when these same friends came back to me frustrated that it just wasn’t working for them and that the big coaches were speaking almost exclusively to content creators and other business coaches.  I realized that e-commerce for makers was a VERY different animal and no one out there was speaking to our specific problems or providing the answers to the questions we were asking.

Ya’ll, this broke my heart.
Makers are some of the most generous, loving, wonderful people on the planet.
I want to see you succeed, to fill the world with more joy and beautiful things.
I want you to know that there is an endless pool of adoring fans out there just begging for what you have.
You don’t have to get lost in the crowd.

So I took the question that everyone asked me over and over and over…

“But Dawn, how did you DO that?!”

…and made The Your First Facebook Ad Crash Course!

I’ve included all the technical details you need to get your ads up and running FAST!
(Like just over an hour fast)

So you can start seeing more sales in your business right away.

My favorite thing?

Seeing my student's success!

“I made my money back with the first FB ad I ran!
Since running FB ads, not only am I making sales from my ads, but the number of new potential customers joining my newsletter is on fire!”
– Angela P

During the first 8 day period I ran successful ads, I spent $97.47 and got sales of $1036.10!

It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business. It’s like I have a sales machine, I just push a button and wait for the sales to roll in! – Sandy K

“Before knowing what I was doing with adds on Facebook I was just throwing money here and there and praying something worked.

Since going through your training I have an add that gets me lots of email sign ups and engagement at very low cost per conversion

If you are serious about your business and growth then this is the best money you’ll spend!” – Erin J

What EXACTLY am I getting in the crash course?

A little over an hour of step by step video instruction to walk you through...

Step 1 - Set Up All Your Accounts

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Instagram Account
  • Ad Account

Step 2 - Pick The Right Things

  • Campaign Objective
  • Audience Targeting
  • Placements

Step 3 - Create A Compelling Ad

  • Choosing An Image
  • Writing Compelling Ad Copy
  • Selecting a Headline

Step 4 - Finalizing The Ad

  • Editing
  • Duplicating
  • Adjusting
  • Analyzing

Who is this for?

Product Based Businesses –

Build a raving fan base who are just WAITING to buy your latest design, and sell that design again and again and again forever!

Etsy Shop Owners –

Skip the endless search to find exactly what Etsy things is the perfect tag and title and draw in your PERFECT customer all on your own.

Subscription Box Makers –

Sell out every month and have a waiting list a mile long just to get your box in their mailbox every month!

Artists & Creatives –

No need to drag everything to endless festivals. Connect directly with your ideal customers and sell your art on your own website, all from the comfort of your own home!

Sound like you and you're ready to get started?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Just click the “Let’s Do This!” button below to purchase the Your First Facebook Ad Crash Course

2) After purchase you’ll receive an email  with login information to our website.

3) Login to the website and start creating your first ad! 

No fiddly bits, just build along with me and have an ad up and running today!

Ok Dawn, but I've got a Question...

"I've never done anything like this before. Are you sure I can get this up and running today?"


I’ve designed this course for absolute beginners and will walk you through each and every step. 
Trust me. If you follow along and do as I do, you’ll absolutely have an ad up and running in 90 minutes!

"I'm a little... Tech Challenged. Can I handle this?"


I’ve designed this course for absolute beginners and will walk you through each and every step. 
Trust me. If you follow along with me, I’ll hold your hand every step of the way.

"What kind of equipment do I need?"

All you need is access to a computer and the internet! 
Everything else is done in a web browser with the click of a mouse and the tap tap of your keyboard.

"Can I do this on my phone?"

While you can watch the training videos on your phone, I HIGHLY recommend doing all of the ad building on a computer as you follow along.
The Facebook ads interface is quite robust and is not designed to be mobile friendly.

"Is this REALLY going to get me sales?"

I’m showing you EXACTLY what I did to double my sales in the first month I began advertising. But knowing HOW to run an ad is only part of the puzzle.

It’s now up to you to stand on that stage and wow those people with your BEST selling products, offers, and graphics, to test, re-test, and to close the sale.

"Is this going to help me if I sell …. toys, subscription boxes, art, jewelry, or some other unusual item you’ve never heard of?"


The Crash Course is designed especially for makers and product based businesses like you, and unless you fall into a few very specific categories of products that Facebook doesn’t allow (tobacco, alcohol, drugs, adult content, live animals, etc), I can help you get in front of EXACTLY who is going to love your particular product

Believe me. If you have a product that your fans are raving about, advertising on Facebook and Instagram can help you scale that to the moon 🥰

"Can I still advertise on Facebook and Instagram if I don’t have a website? If I only have an Etsy or Facebook shop?"

While I highly encourage you to eventually work your way towards building your own website so you can install a Facebook Pixel and track your sales conversions, there are lots of ways to use Facebook ads for your business even if you’re not there yet.

You can run ads directly to your Etsy shop or Facebook page, but be aware, you won’t be able to instal a pixel and track which sales come from your ads and which come from other efforts.

Direct sales are only a piece of any good marketing plan, though. Facebook ads can be a HUGE part of building your email list and growing your own audience, and you can track that every step of the way.

Giveaways and discount coupon codes or free patterns in exchange for an email address are all excellent ways to attract people to your email list through ads (so you can market to them later) and the Your First Facebook Ad Crash Course gives you all the information you need to get that offer directly in front of the people who are going to love it most.

"What if I don’t like it? Do you offer refunds?"

Due to the digital nature of this super quick course, I’m sorry we don’t offer refunds.
But I guarantee that once you get your first sale from your first ad, you’ll only be thinking of a new R word – referral.

Listen, I know that things are hard right now and that’s EXACTLY what made me create the Your First Facebook Ad Crash Course for you. 

Imagine the difference it could make in your business if your ad brought 1000 new fans to your email list, or $1,000 in sales for your best selling product this week.

We already know that you make amazing things. We just need to get them in front of the people you know will love it and give you a megaphone!

I know how much of a difference ONE great ad can have on a business and I want to give you all the short cuts to make that happen for you.

So, for a limited time, I’m offering the Your First Facebook Ad Crash Course at a HUGE discount to make sure you can get a running start.  

Grab it before the price goes up. 

I want to see you flourish! To be able to take care of your family and fill the world with more beauty while you’re at it. Believe me, the world NEEDS it!

Let’s spread YOUR brand all over the internet!

Get Your First Facebook Ad Up And Running in about an hour!

Grab it today for $97 just $27