Want to get your fiber business in front of the right people in less than 15 minutes with no guess work?

I’d like you to meet The Yarn Bomb!™

An ebook jam packed with Fiber focused ad targets perfectly researched to spread your brand all over the internet. 

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What if you could jump straight to the head of the line – skip all the research and know EXACTLY who to target with your Facebook and Instagram ads for maximum impact?

I’ve totally got your back 😘

I’ve done all the research for you and jam packed The Yarn Bomb!™ with all of the information you need to get your Facebook or Instagram ad in front of the very best Fiber Friendly audiences Facebook has to offer.

No research necessary
Everything right at your fingertips
And you can do it in less than 15 minutes!

Ever feel like you’re talking to a void? 

Posting endlessly on social media to the same 100 people and HOPING that they share or buy?
Convinced that if you aren’t one of the ‘big guys’ no one is ever going to see your gorgeous yarn on Etsy or know that your pattern website exists?

Believe me, I’ve been there!

Everyone says to just keep plugging away at posting on social media and the audience will come (sounds like a baseball movie right?)

But what if I told you that you have all of the same power as the big guys?

That you can skip to the head of the line and tap into the pipeline of THEIR fan base and step directly in front of THEIR audience with Facebook and Instagram ads?

And you don’t have to spend 6 months posting to social media to do it?

That’s where The Yarn Bomb!™ comes in.

I’ve put together this highly detailed list of fiber friendly ad targets just for you.
It is perfectly researched with all the information you need to get YOUR products directly in front of the audiences who want them most.

The audiences of the BIG guys like:
Knit Picks
Crochet! Magazine
And more

The best part?
You can do it today – In less than 15 minutes.

Ready to Yarn Bomb the internet with YOUR brand?

Here’s the deal.
Facebook doesn’t let you target just anyone with your ads.
They make you hunt and work for it, spending hours digging through the bowels of their ad platform.

But I’ve done all the research for you and stuffed it into this 70 page ebook – The Yarn Bomb!™

Inside you’ll find:

All the best fiber friendly ad targets right at your fingertips

All the demographic data so you can be sure your targeting EXACTLY who you want

The back end loophole to even target those ‘untargetable’ audiences that you want MOST (Madelinetosh, Vickie Howell, Marly Bird and more)

I know what it’s like, to feel like you’re on a hamster wheel of endless ‘posting’ – on Instagram, on Facebook, on Pinterest, in groups – hoping the internet gods will favor you and show your pattern to the right people, that lightning will strike and it will go viral…

To spend days changing the titles, tags and descriptions of your listings hoping Etsy will favor you with a top slot, but knowing that you’re probably going to just get lost in the crowd anyway…

To FINALLY branch out on your own to your own website and feel like you’re talking directly into a black hole because like 10 people found you on google this month…

To daydream that Marly Bird or Vickie Howell will notice you and feature you on their blog…

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if there was a button that said “Hey Internet, show my stuff to Knit Pick’s people! They’ll love this! And make it snappy!”

I hear you.

But you know what?
You actually CAN just tell Facebook to show your stuff to the perfect ready-to-buy audience through detailed targeting in advertising. You CAN show your yarn directly to fans of Knit Picks or Ravelry, or Knitting Daily.

And I’ve made it super easy for you by gathering ALL the best Fiber Friendly ad targets and putting them in this one great big list for you and calling it The Yarn Bomb!™

You know… Yarn Bomb… So you can bomb the internet with your brand and spread the fiber love!

That's all great, but who are you?

Hi, I’m Dawn Prickett the owner and lead designer of the 6 figure knitting shop – Twice Sheared Sheep. 

I spent years following the same online gurus that you probably are. I obsessed over my Etsy tags and titles. I posted religiously on social media. I even set up a Twitter account because someone, somewhere, said it was going to be GREAT for my business.

And honestly, the only thing that REALLY happened was that I was busy all the time.

It wasn’t until I decided to give Facebook advertising a go that things exploded.
Using the exact same information you will find in The Yarn Bomb!™ I doubled our sales the very first month.

Over the past 3 years, maintaining that advertising has absolutely been the key to our success. Speaking DIRECTLY to the correct audience was like turning on a faucet of sales in our business, allowing us to double our revenues between 2018 and  2019, and then gross over $12,000 every month of 2020 (yes, even with Covid throwing a wrench in everything).

The key to advertising successfully?
Targeting the right people!
And you can bet that after 15 years running this business online, I know this industry inside and out.
I know EXACTLY who to target.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, though…
I never intended to be a business coach.

I was happy to stay in my lane, to make pretty things, and help my customers find joy in their craft. When my fiber business friends asked me what the heck I was doing right, how my business exploded, I was happy to send them on to other coaches who taught to the masses.

I’m a knitter and a designer after all. I was sure there were other ‘experts’ out there far more capable of teaching this than me.

But when these same friends came back to me frustrated that it just wasn’t working for them and that the big coaches just didn’t understand, I realized that our industry is unique and no one out there was speaking to our specific problems or providing the answers to the questions we were asking.

Ya’ll, this broke my heart.
Fiber people are some of the most generous, loving, wonderful people on the planet.
I want to see you succeed, to fill the world with more joy and yarn.
Whether you are a farm, a yarn dyer, a pattern designer, or an instructor, I want you to know that there is an endless pool of adoring fans out there just begging for what you have.
You don’t have to get lost in the crowd.

So I took the question that everyone asked me over and over and over…

“But Dawn, where do I FIND the people who want to buy my stuff?!”

…and made The Yarn Bomb!™

I took everything I knew about targeting the right people and did all the research so you’ll know EXACTLY who is following and buying from the ‘big guys’ and can put your products in front of them too. 
All the data is right at your fingertips so you just need to plug it into your ad campaign and know it is reaching the right people.

I know what it’s like to spend hours posting on social media and feeling like you’re not getting results.
I know what it’s like to put up a new listing on Etsy and watch it sink like a rock to the bottom of the algorithm. 

When you advertise, though, you take the power into your own hands and TELL the powers that be who to show your gorgeous yarn to, the people who you KNOW are going to love it!

What EXACTLY am I getting in the ebook?

Over 70 pages of easily digestible information – 

Expertly researched, sifted, and compiled SPECIFICALLY for the fiber industry.

I’ve sifted through all the data to find all the relevant targets, demographics, and targets, and left out all the fluff that isn’t going to do any of us any good.

A list of over 60 highly specific Fiber Friendly ad targets –

I’ve done all the research and found every yarn, fiber, knitting, crochet, weaving, and spinning ad target that Facebook has to offer so you don’t have to!
No need to spend hours trying out names or companies in the target field only to be given the dreaded blank box when Facebook says “Nope, denied. You can’t target them”

Additional non-targetable audiences –

In order to protect its users, Facebook simply refuses to let you target small businesses. Since most fiber businesses are small businesses, this means that Facebook says most of the people you REALLY want to target (like Vickie Howell, Malabrigo, Madelinetosh, etc) are off limits.

But what they DO tell us is that people in certain larger audiences are also likely to like those smaller audiences that you REALLY want.

I’ve included with each large targetable audience a list of smaller non-targetable audiences that Facebook says have an ‘afinity’ with it. That means that if you want to target Madelinetosh, simply search through the ebook until you find a targetable audiences with Madelinetosh near the top of its affinity list and you’re almost sure to target their audience too!

Video Walkthrough

I’ll walk you through what’s in the ebook, how to use it in your ads, and how I use this data every day to rocket my business to the top.

Fully linked and searchable PDF –

No need to print.
Use the linked Table of Contents to see all the audience targets at a glance and go to the detailed report at a click of a button.

No need to flip back and forth hunting through 70 pages of data.

Use the search function (Ctr + F on PC, Command + F on Mac) to open a search field. Then type in the audience you want to find and have everything at your beck and call.

Demographic data on each audience –

You’ll know EXACTLY who you are targeting.
Not sure if Crochet! Magazine’s audience matches up with YOUR audience demographics, I’ve got gorgeous graphs to make it super easy to know at a glance.

Not really sure WHO your target audience is yet?
I’ve done the research for you!
Use the demographic data to spy on your competition. Look up your biggest competition and see EXACTLY who makes up that audience.

Who is this for?

Yarn Dyers –

Sell out every time you update your shop, promote your subscription club and build a raving fan base!

Small Farms –

Connect directly with handspinners and pre-sell your fleeces before you even shear! No need to drag everything to a fiber festival.

Pattern Designers –

Build a raving fan base who are just WAITING to buy your latest design, and sell that design again and again and again forever!

Instructors –

Teach your amazing brioche or spinning class online and draw in the crowds just like Stephen West while never leaving your house.

Sound like you and you're ready to get started?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Just click the “Let’s Do This!” button below to purchase the Yarn Bomb!™ ebook. 

2) After purchase you’ll receive an email  with a link to download your PDF file.

3) Open the ebook and start searching for your perfect audience! 

Use that audience in the “detailed targeting” section on the ad set level of your ad to tap into the pipeline of your competition and get your Facebook or Instagram ad directly in front of the people who will love it.

No fiddly bits, just plug and play!

Ok Dawn, but I've got a Question...

"That all sounds great, but how exactly do I use The Yarn Bomb!™?

At its core, The Yarn Bomb!™ is a list of pre-researched fiber friendly ad targets to be used in your Facebook and Instagram ads.

When building your Facebook ad, simply enter one or more of these audiences into the ‘detailed targeting’ box on the ad set tab to put your ad directly in front of the audience you would like to target.

But The Yarn Bomb!™ is so much more than that.
It is also a highly detailed research report with all the information you need to know if each audience is YOUR kind of people.

Use this information to 

  • Pick out the best targets for your ads
  • Get all the details on your competitor’s audience
  • Gather a massive list of yarn and fiber businesses that you can stalk, spy on, and keep track of what they are up to.
  • Target competitors that even Facebook says you can’t target

Is The Yarn Bomb!™ going to teach me how to run Facebook and Instagram ads?

Teaching all the elements of running effective ads is much more than I could ever cover in a little ebook. The Yarn Bomb!™ focuses only on targeting and getting your ad DIRECTLY in front of the audiences you want.

Included with your ebook is a video walkthrough that shows you exactly where to utilize this information in your ad creation.

If you have never run an ad before, though, I recommend that you also grab with our Your First FB Ad Crash Course where I walk you step by step through setting up your first ad.

Is The Yarn Bomb!™ going to get me sales?

I used EXACTLY the information you’ll find in the Yarn Bomb!™ to double my sales in the first month I began advertising.

What the right targeting does is give you a stage and a megaphone right in front of the people you want but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. 

I’ve done all of the research. It’s now up to you to stand on that stage and wow those people with your BEST selling products, offers, graphics, and videos to close the sale.

Is The Yarn Bomb!™ going to help me if I’m a…. Yarn dyer, Pattern designer, Knitting instructor, Rare breed sheep farmer, or other random fiber business you’ve never heard of?


The Yarn Bomb!™ was designed ESPECIALLY for you.
If you sell TO people who use:

  • Yarn
  • Spinning fiber
  • Knitting or crochet patterns
  • Or take classes using these things

These ads targets have been picked out and researched specifically for you.

If, however, you use these things to MAKE and sell finished garments or products to the masses, then this list probably won’t be helpful for you. People who want to buy your gorgeous hand-crocheted organic wool beanies are very different than the people in these audiences who want to MAKE THEIR OWN hand-crocheted beanie. 

Is The Yarn Bomb!™ going to help me if I don’t have a website? If I only have an Etsy or Facebook shop?

While I highly encourage you to eventually work your way towards building your own website so you can install a Facebook Pixel and track your sales conversions, there are lots of ways to use Facebook ads targeted to the audiences in The Yarn Bomb!™ for your business even if you’re not there yet.

You can run ads directly to your Etsy shop or Facebook page using these ad targets, but be aware, you won’t be able to instal a pixel and track which sales come from your ads and which come from other efforts.

Direct sales are only a piece of an good marketing plan, though. Facebook ads can be a HUGE part of building your email list and growing your own audience, and you can track that every step of the way.

Giveaways and discount coupon codes or free patterns in exchange for an email address are all excellent ways to attract people to your email list through ads (so you can market to them later) and TheYarn Bomb!™ gives you all the information you need to get that offer directly in front of the people who are going to love it most.

Where did this information come from?

All information comes directly from Facebook’s advertising platform. There’s no guesswork here, Facebook is a MASTER at knowing the likes and behavior of its users.

Is this information going to be outdated a week from now?


I wouldn’t give it to you if it was going to just be worthless in a week.
Because of the large number of people involved in each of these audiences, their behaviors and demographics tend to remain quite stable and dependable.

While Facebook may add or remove audiences from this list periodically, they tend to do so slowly. Fiber friendly companies just don’t tend to grow by millions of fans rapidly and even companies that went out of business years ago still have thousands or millions of active users attached and are still targetable audiences in Facebook’s Ads platform.

Couldn’t I get all this information for free?

All of the information here is freely provided by Facebook to it’s advertisers and if you would like to do the research yourself, I highly encourage you to do so.

However, if you would like to take a short cut and avoid spending hours sifting through and compiling all the data, I’ve done all that for you!

I am just here to try to make your life easier and save you a bunch of time so you have more time to create beautiful things.
I want you to succeed!

What if I don’t like it? Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this ebook, and the low introductory price, I’m sorry we don’t offer refunds.
But I guarantee you’ll find the information here invaluable.

Listen, I know that things are hard right now and that’s EXACTLY what made me create The Yarn Bomb!™ for you. 

Imagine the difference it could make in your business if your properly targeted ad brought 1000 new fans to your email list, or $1,000 in sales for your best selling product this week.

We already know that you make amazing things. We just need to get them in front of the people you know will love it and give you a megaphone!

The detailed targeting and research that you’ll find in The Yarn Bomb™ will help you get there in record time!

I know how much of a difference ONE great ad can have on a business and I want to give you all the short cuts to make that happen for you.

So, for a limited time, I’m offering The Yarn Bomb!™ at a HUGE discount to make sure you can get a running start.  

Grab it before the price goes up. 

I want to see you flourish! To be able to take care of your family and fill the world with more beauty while you’re at it. Believe me, the world NEEDS it!

Let’s Yarn Bomb the internet with YOUR brand!

Yarn Bomb Mockup

Get your fiber business in front of the right people in less than 15 minutes with the YARN BOMB!™

Grab it today for $97 just $27