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The Cold Traffic Ads Strategy For Product Based Businesses

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In the class we’ll cover…

  • My 5 step framework for turning STONE COLD TRAFFIC into all the sales your business needs
  • The 5 mistakes product businesses make that convince them that Facebook ads don’t work
  • Why you DON’T need a huge ads budget to get all the sales your business needs
  • How to work with me more closely to get your business OFF the hamster wheel of ‘promoting’ and start selling!

About the teacher

Hi, I’m Dawn!

I’m the owner of a 6-figure handmade knitting supplies company, and a business coach who helps maker business owners get the traffic and sales they need in order to scale their businesses and support their families

I’m the mother of 5 amazing teenagers and am known for my serial obsessions, to the point that it supplants the desire to do all other things and results in me literally DREAMING of doing the thing. Sewing, knitting, spinning, homesteading, MMO gaming, and watercolor have all taken their turn as my obsession de jour.

But the one obsession that has never fallen by the wayside is my obsession with marketing and business, because this has been the thing that has literally fed and allowed me to work from home and be with those amazing 5 kids I mentioned.

Inside the class, I’m sharing the exact strategies I share with my paid students. Don’t miss it!
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Dawn Prickett
The Traffic Button™