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Conquer your fears
and start knitting lace!

In this free workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The 4 myths about lace knitting that are designed to scare you – and why you shouldn’t believe them
  • The fundamentals of how lace fabric is created, and how easy it is to create GORGEOUS patterns
  • How to read the “secret knitter code” that lets you knit patterns by any designer, even if you don’t speak the same language!

Your Instructor – Dawn Prickett

Dawn is your ultimate lace knitting secret weapon.

Over the course of her 20 year knitting career, Dawn has made just about every mistake that can be made in the knitting world, but through trial and error, she has learned how to fix those and better yet how to PREVENT them.

In this Lace Knitting Boot Camp, she shares all of this this wisdom with you. Using graphics, hands on demonstrations, and a little bit of humor, Dawn will help you TRULY understand your knitting like you never have before!

Words from Dawn’s Students

“Fabulously educational even after 24 years! Even after all these years of knitting I still came away learning new things. Dawn is a wonderful teacher.”

— Rox Renaud

“I am really loving this course! It just blew my mind!”

— Rosa Vinding

“So-much-information! It's awesome!”

— Tommie Rodgers

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Lace Knitting Boot Camp

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