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This comprehensive course teaches PRODUCT BASED BUSINESSES 

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Wouldn't it be Amazing if...

➡ You didn’t have to mind-read what keywords your customers were searching for online

➡ You could tell the powers that be the type of person who would love your products and magically put your best product right in front of them?

➡ You could even jump in front of the audiences of your biggest competitors (and retail giants) without a shoutout, a complicated promotion deal, or them even knowing.

That's exactly what Facebook ads can do for you!

But you have to do it the right way.

Tell me if this sounds like you...

➡ You make amazing things, but it feels like no one is actually SEEING them.

You’ve done all the things the experts say to do, but all it seems to have gotten you is an insanely busy schedule and a vague anxiety ache in your chest.

You’ve obsessed over your SEO and done everything that everyone says, but it hasn’t made a lick of difference in your sales, and you NEED more than whatever Google or Etsy are deign to send your way.

You’ve posted every day on Social media, but just feel like you’re talking to a black hole (and your mom).

You’re pretty sure that no one even knows your business exists.

Believe me, I've been there!

The frustration of playing the ‘promoting’ game is exactly what made me turn to Facebook ads for my own business. 

But I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning and I see the same mistakes cropping up in my students over and over again…

Mistake #1 -

Believing that Facebook ads only work for certain products or certain businesses

There’s a reason why half the product-based businesses who go on Shark Tank start out proving and selling their product with Facebook ads.
Because they work!

I have seen ads for everything from $5 pop up greeting cards, to jewelry, to mattresses sold successfully on Facebook.
So unless you are actually selling something banned by Facebook (like weapons, live animals, or adult content) I know Facebook ads can work for you too!

Mistake #2 -

Advertising products that you WISH would sell - not the ones that DO sell

Facebook ads are a megaphone, meaning that if something isn’t selling for a reason in your shop, it’s going to not sell faster, harder, and more expensively if you put a Facebook ad behind it.

When advertising, it’s best to not take a gamble with an already underperforming product, but instead advertise your BEST seller. If we’re going to spend money, let’s put our money on an already winning pony. 

Mistake #3 -

Advertising your entire shop to everyone all at once

Successful advertising is all about being SPECIFIC, not general.
Running ads isn’t a one time shot. You don’t have to create only a SINGLE perfect ad. You can always create another one, for a different product, or a different audience.
And you’ll be amazed at how often people come to your shop from an ad for one thing and end up purchasing something entirely different.

Mistake #4 -

Starving your ad

Look, I get it. None of us wants to spend more money than we have to, and nobody wants to throw money out the window at an ad when we’re not sure if it’s going to work yet or not. But the reality is that Facebook isn’t giving you a discount for your tiny little budget, and it’s going to take LONGER and cost you MORE, in the long run, to see if the ad is working. 

It’s just good practice to spend enough to see a result within 24 hours. In the end it will save you a ton of time and money over trying to play with $1 & $2 budgets.

Mistake #5 -

Turning off ads that are actually working

You may not realize it, but we all have a number in our head on how much we think an ad SHOULD cost, but that number has is more about your own perceptions of money than it is about whether or not the ad is working. As long as the ad is bringing in orders that fall within your profit margin, it’s working!

Don’t turn it off just because the total ad spend feels uncomfortable. It’s paying for its self and bringing in orders you wouldn’t have had otherwise. And it can’t do that if it’s not running!

Just imagine if...

➡ You could set up your promotion once and have it send you reliable sales every single day for years and years

➡ You had a dependable system to duplicate that promotion as many times as you needed.

You had ultimate control over how much traffic you received – like a faucet.
Need a little more money this week to cover a big expense? Turn it up and watch the orders flood in!

All of that's possible inside...


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Who is this for?

The Old-School Aficionado

You’re used to doing things old school, face to face, person to person. You know that if you could just show people your product in PERSON you know they’d LOVE it, but trying to find your people online feels like playing a game of where’s waldo.

In The Traffic Button I’ll show you EXACTLY what you need to do to not only FIND your people online but drop your product right in front of them. Even if they didn’t know it existed before.

The Etsy Entrepreneur

You’ve got your shop up and going, but no one seems to know that it exists!

You’ve adjusted your tags and titles so many times that you’re starting to go cross-eyed and Etsy just takes your ad money and laughs all the way to the bank.

I’ll show you how to skip the keyword mind reading and create an audience based system that drops your product directly in front of WHO you know would love it, no matter what they’re searching for.

The Web Wiz

You’ve been doing this business thing for a while.

You’ve got fans and they LOVE you, but the sales and traffic is just not enough for what you need. You’ve tried all the SEO and social media posting that the experts tell you to do, but you feel like you’ve hit a plateau.

The life blood of any business is NEW customers, and I’ll show you how to make the marketing and promotion you are ALREADY doing work twice as hard to send you NEW people each and every day, who will buy, join your email list, and stick around to buy again and again and again.

Basically, this is for you if...

➡ You want to get more sales in your business

➡ You’re sick of just taking whatever traffic falls in your lap

➡ You want to see your amazing products in the hands of more fans who need them

➡ You want to have reliable sales EVERY SINGLE DAY

➡ You want to fill your email list with fans who buy every time you send an email

➡ And you want a PROVEN system to make sure that happens

Not if...

✖ You never want to see another customer again

✖ You want a magic money machine

✖ You believe Facebook ads are a scam

✖ You’d rather get your info from Free Facebook groups & Youtube videos than from proven experts

Hi! I'm Dawn

I’m the owner of a 6 figure handmade knitting supplies company, and a business coach who helps maker business owners get the traffic and sales they need in order to sale their businesses and support their families.

I’m the mother of 5 amazing teenagers and am known for my serial obsessions, to the point that it supplants the desire to do all other things and results in me literally DREAMING of doing the thing. Sewing, knitting, spinning, homesteading, MMO gaming, and watercolor have all taken their turn as my obsession de jure

But the one obsession that has never fallen by the wayside is my obsession with marketing and business because this has been the thing that has literally fed my family and allowed me to work from home and be with those amazing 5 kids I mentioned.

Why I created this...

After having had a business that has been SUCH a financial blessing and success in my life and for my family I feel like I’m a bit of an entrepreneurial evangelist.
I think everyone should have a business!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, though…
I never intended to be a business coach.

I was happy to stay in my lane, to make pretty things, and help my customers find joy in their craft. When my fiber business friends asked me what the heck I was doing right, how my business exploded, I was happy to send them on to other coaches who taught to the masses.

I’m a knitter and a designer after all. I was sure there were other ‘experts’ out there far more capable of teaching this than me.

But when these same friends came back to me frustrated that it just wasn’t working for them and that the big coaches were speaking almost exclusively to content creators and other business coaches.  I realized that e-commerce for makers was a VERY different animal and no one out there was speaking to our specific problems or providing the answers to the questions we were asking.

Ya’ll, this broke my heart.
Makers are some of the most generous, loving, wonderful people on the planet. 
I want to see you succeed, to fill the world with more joy and beautiful things.
I want you to know that there is an endless pool of adoring fans out there just begging for what you have. 

And that’s when I decided to do something about it.

It truly is my mission to help you see success so that your business can serve your family the way that my maker business has served mine.

My favorite thing?

Seeing my student's success!

“I made my money back with the first FB ad I ran!
Since running FB ads, not only am I making sales from my ads, but the number of new potential customers joining my newsletter is on fire!”
– Angela P

During the first 8 day period I ran successful ads, I spent $97.47 and got sales of $1036.10!

It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business. It’s like I have a sales machine, I just push a button and wait for the sales to roll in! – Sandy K

“Before knowing what I was doing with adds on Facebook I was just throwing money here and there and praying something worked.

Since going through your training I have an add that gets me lots of email sign ups and engagement at very low cost per conversion

If you are serious about your business and growth then this is the best money you’ll spend!” – Erin J

What's inside


In step 1 we’re going to lay the perfect foundation for success by using real data to make the best decisions, not drama.

  • We’ll look hard at your actual numbers and pick out the products you should be advertising (and the ones you shouldn’t) in the Perfect Product Prescription
  • We’ll get you concrete numbers on how much you can afford to spend, and how much profit it’s going to make you with the Daily Budget Calculator
  • We’ll prep your shop for ultimate success with the Traffic Super Slide
  • We’ll set up your Resource Reservoir so you aren’t reinventing the wheel and always have all your assets at your fingertips.

In step 2 we’ll do all the detective work to find your ideal target audience.

  • We don’t leave anything up to guesswork and we’ll find your ACTUAL ideal target audience using my proprietary Targeting Super Sleuth

(not some creation pulled out of the sky)

  • We’ll dig deep into what they like, and don’t like so we can craft the perfect ad for them.

In step 3 we’ll take your perfect product and craft an irresistable ad SPECIFICALLY for the audience we found in step 2

  • I’ll walk you through capturing your audience’s attention (and heart) using my signature S.T.O.R.Y Method
  • Choose from our bank of tried and true ad templates
  • Create a scroll stopping visual using the Canva Quick Start training.

In step 4, we’ll do all the technical things necessary to get your ad up and running!

  • We’ll get all of the back end structure set up
  • Facebook & Instagram pages
  • Ad account
  • Business manager
  • Billing
  • The Pixel
  • Enact The Cerebro Protocol to collect our audience automatically, feed the Facebook algorithm, and create the illusion of omnipresence all over the internet.
  • We’ll use all the tools we’ve gathered and build the ad with click by click, screen by screen instruction
  • I’ll show you how to duplicate your results, not your efforts when creating ads in the future.

Step 5 is where all the magic truly happens!

  • I’ll teach you how to take your one ad and Test, Tweak, Track & Scale it into an ad empire that will bring you sales with as little effort as turning on a faucet of water.
  • We’ll set up The Tracking Tango to know when an ad is working, and when it’s not.
  • We’ll work through the Q4 Troubleshooting Rubric to fix underperforming ads
  • We’ll build out the Walls & Towers Scaling Strategy to scale your ad empire to meet all your sales needs

Join today – doors close soon!

There's more! You also get...

5 B.A.S.E.S framework – $2000 value

Everything you need to create a scalable ad empire that gives you all the traffic your business needs

Ad Accelerator Community – $2,500 value

Interactive Facebook community to get help with your individual ads

Perfect Product Prescription – $150 value

Fillable workbook to identify exactly which products to advertise 

Daily Budget Calculator – $150 value

Spreadsheet calculator to determine exactly how much you can afford to spend & how much profit you’ll make 

Q4 Troubleshooting Rubric – $125 value

Step by step workbook to fix underperforming ads 

Tracking Tango Spreadsheet – $125 value

Ads tracking spreadsheet to keep track of all of your ads, and see at a glance they’re working 

Canva Quick Start – $200 value

Create beautiful graphics and animations using free software 

A total value of $5,656.00

Get started today for just


Join today – doors close soon!

You got questions?

I've got answers!

What if I’m a total beginner? Can I handle this?


I’ll walk you through everything you need to do click by click, step by step. Whether you’re a total beginner or have run ads before, you’ll be seeing sales come in from your ads in no time!

Is this only for total beginners?

Absolutely not!

Knowing the mechanics of what to click and HOW to run a Facebook ad barely scratches the surface of what we will cover in the Traffic Button.

At its core, this course is a STRATEGY course where I don’t just teach you the mechanics of how to set up an ad, but how to reliably build ads that actually make money, and how to scale them so that they can drive all the traffic and sales your business needs.

Will this work for…
Small Businesses?
Big Businesses?
Product Businesses?
Service Businesses?
Brick and Mortar?


While this is designed ESPECIALLY with for small product based maker businesses, the principles of crafting high performing ads and scaling those to create the traffic and sales you need apply to service based businesses & brick and mortar stores alike.

I’m a little nervous…
How much support will I get?

Once you dig into the course, I think you’ll be surprised at how incredibly confident you’ll feel when you start running your ads.

I don’t leave anything to chance or guess work and give you all the tools to set you up for success.

But, if you find that you need an expert eye to help you along, I am available to help you in our daily help threads in the Facebook community.

I truly do want to see your business flourish.

What if I’m terrible at sales?

I would never leave you hanging out in the wind to create your own sales copy or create your own ads.

With the Perfect Product Prescription + the S.T.O.R.Y. method in + the Canva Quick start + the Go Go Video bonus, you just need to follow along and fill in the blanks to come out with a winning ad.

No ‘top salesman’ badge required 😘

How does this course work exactly?

After purchasing, you will get access to the member’s only section of our website. Simply click on the course icon and begin watching the course videos to get started.

You’ll have everything at your finger tips right to start crafting your best selling ad and get your traffic system up and running.

  • Click by click video instructions
  • Fillable workbooks & calculators
  • And of course access to my expert help in the Facebook community every step of the way

What if I don’t like it?

I guarantee that once you get a little taste of ad success, you’re going to be hooked for life!

But if you find within the first 30 days that you hate the sound of my voice, or that I’m just not your gal, I totally understand.

We do have a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

If you've read this far...

You have two options:

Continue to spend more time and energy trying to figure out Facebook ads on your own…

Or create your own scaleable system to drive all the traffic (and sales) your business needs and finally get off the hamster wheel of daily posting and ‘promoting’.

Imagine where you could be just one month from now…

➡ You’re ready to create your own scalable traffic system.
➡ You’re ready to get off the endless hamster wheel of daily social media posting.
➡ You’re ready to start getting effortless, reliable daily sales.
➡ You’re ready for a way to get some actual traction in your business.
➡ You’re ready for a way to dependably support your family.
➡ You’re ready for The Traffic Button!

Join today – doors close soon!

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The Traffic Button Payment Plan
The Traffic Button teaches maker businesses to successfully create and scale Facebook ads to drive all the traffic their business needs to flourish
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Select payment plan
Full Payment - $397
3 Payments of $150
Traffic Button - 3 payments
The Traffic Button teaches maker businesses to successfully create and scale Facebook ads to drive all the traffic their business needs to flourish
$150.00 every month for 3 payments
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